Raegan Daley

Raegan Daley
Mentor: Dr. Hyunjoo Oh
Warrington College of Business Administration
"Research is essential to the mind and the developmental process of a scholar. There is so much more to experience beyond classroom interactions and through research I will prove this as such. There is no better joy than to work alongside a experienced faculty member to help expound on your research topic. Also, I cannot wait to grow from this research as I continue through my undergraduate career."





Research Interests

  • Franchising
  • Marketing
  • Economics

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program
  • Clermont Scholar
  • Bright Futures


  • Jamaican American Student Association (Dance Team)
  • CARIBSA Cultural Director
  • Office of Academic Support Peer Advising Coach


  • Micanopy Tutoring Center

Hobbies and Interests

  • Swimming/Beach Activities
  • Watching Movies
  • Writing

Research Description

Franchising and the Negative and Positive Impacts in the Caribbean with Special Focus on the Jamaican Economy

My research project involves analyzing the Jamaican economy with the new introduction of franchises and its impact on local consumers and producers.