Sahadeo Ramjatan

 Sahadeo Ramjatan
Mentor: Dr. Subrata Roy
College of Engineering
"I got involved with research to gain a more concrete understanding of engineering topics in the aerospace engineering field. More specifically, Fluid Mechanics was one of my favorite classes I had taken at UF and I was always interested in plasma. As a result, I got involved with the Applied Physics Research Group at the University of Florida."


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



Research Interests

  • Atmospheric Re-Entry Flows
  • Hypersonics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • UF Transfer Scholarship
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


  • Small Satellite Design Club


  • Small Satellite Design Club

Hobbies and Interests

  • Basketball
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Reading

Research Description

Black-Out Analysis of Small Re-entry Vehicles
My research project is titled "Black-Out Analysis of Small Re-Entry Vehicles" and is about spacecraft atmospheric reentry. The research project entails an investigation into the re-entry process of small space vehicles coming back into Earth’s atmosphere. Due to high speeds, a build-up of plasma occurs around the space vehicle leading to a communication “black-out” of considerable consequence. It is of interest to know if the communication can be realized during the black-out phase. If not, then we would like to know at what instant in time the black-out phase would be over and data can be sent. Thus, my research goal is to find out the instant this “black-out” phase will cease in order to aid communications analysis for other research projects in the field. Also, I will be carrying out research on small reentry vehicles as there is more interest in the communication capabilities of small reentry vehicles of the size of approximately 20 cm in diameter. As a result, I will be predicting the flow field around a small reentry vehicle of different shapes at different flight conditions using the commercial code CFD++. I will then have to process the flow field results and predict how and when satellite to ground or inter-satellite communication can be realized and estimate the reliability of my prediction.