Sean All

Sean All
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Gumz
College of Medicine
"Starting my sophomore year I began working with Dr. Gumz in the College of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Hypertension, and Renal Transplantation. I wanted to be apart of a lab whose research involved addressing a physiological problem. In Dr. Gumz’s lab I was able to not only gain a greater understanding of the effects of hypertension but also the physiology behind it."


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Research Interests

  • Hypertension
  • Physiology

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • President's Honor Roll


  • P3 Mentoring Program


  • Global Medical Training
  • Shands Hospital

Hobbies and Interests

  • Football/Basketball
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Reading

Research Description

Role of Per1 and Cry2 in the Regulation of Target Gene Expression in the Kidney
The Gumz lab’s hypothesis is that Per1 behaves in a previously undetermined role. Since the Clock and Per1 knockouts have a similar phenotype, it is plausible that Per1 knockdown results in changes in the circadian clock that results in decreased Clock/Bmal1 activity. Interestingly, when Per1 is knocked down it results in increased Cry2 isoform, a known repressor of the clock. It is unknown if this results in decreased Clock and Bmal1 activity. The goal of my project is to investigate the role of Cry2 as a repressor of Per1 target genes (αENaC) and to determine if there is a connection between Cry2 as a repressor and Per1 as an activator.