Shannon Healey

Shannon Healey
Mentor: Dr. Jenny Lee
College of Fine Arts
"My senior year of high school, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and was given two months to live. It has been two years since she was diagnosed as “cancer free.” However, the effect of chemotherapy is still taking its toll on her body, as her muscles are still very weak. Not knowing it at the time, she would be my inspiration for pursing the arts in healthcare. I can’t think of a better way to use the arts."


BFA Dance



Research Interests

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Art Therapy

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program


  • CRU
  • Dance in a Suitcase


  • N/A

Hobbies and Interests

  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Language
  • Piano
  • Reading

Research Description

Dance to Recovery
With my funding, I studied abroad in Ireland this summer studying the arts in healthcare and observing established programs. I am hoping to use the skills, ideas, and principles I learned on this trip during my research project (which will be in collaboration project with Jessica Bell). Each week during our study we will have an hour long dance class with an emphasis on yoga and creative movement. Each participant will be a patient recovering from the effects of chemotherapy. We will observe our participants each week while also conducting personal interviews with each individual. We hope to see positive changes on our participants’ well-being at the end of our study.