Shruti Shah

Shruti Shah
Mentor: Dr. Andy Naranjo
Warrington College of Business Administration
"Research is a way to delve deeply into an interesting topic and explore its significance. It is also a way to distinguish and maximize one's college experience."


Finance; Political Science



Research Interests

  • International Business
  • Economic Development
  • Women's Rights

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program
  • Junior Fellow, Department of Political Science
  • Womenetics Advancing Global Aspirations Scholarship
  • WCBA Dean's List


  • Business Administration College Council (President)
  • Career and Academic Peer Mentor
  • Business Case Competition Traveling Team


  • Enactus (Project Impact and Exposition Director)

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Art

Research Description

What is the Long-term Economic Impact of Foreign Direct Investment and Developed-country Transnational Corporations in Mexico?

Foreign direct investment, free trade agreements, and developed-country transnational corporations have had an important role in catalyzing the economic development of Mexico by helping to increase the country’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. This has led to the recent rise of Mexican multinational corporations, which will lead to an increased global economic significance for the country. I plan to analyze the role and impact of transnational corporations in Mexico, looking at macroeconomic factors such as gross domestic product growth, foreign direct investment, gross fixed capital formation, employment, and trade. I hope to identify the impact of transnational corporations on wages, income distribution, and domestic firms, as well as the impact of government regulations on TNCs and FDI inflow. At the same time, I will look at how FDI has increased and decreased in the country over time due to economic and political circumstances, and the effect of these fluctuations. This project is significant because it underscores how transnational corporations are becoming an increasingly powerful force globally while analyzing their impact. Because of the lack of major international regulation for transnationals, host countries, home countries, and transnational corporations themselves must work together to ensure proper policing and regulation of TNCs.