Stephanie Capon

 Stephanie Capon
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Lee-Baxley
College of Fine Arts
"The School of Theatre and Dance within the College of Fine Arts aptly describes itself as a place where "art grows wild". As a dance major, I refine my techniques on a daily basis. As a student of the Dance Department at the University of Florida, my mind is tested as a pupil, peer and member of the global community. Our program is unique in that it doesn't solely produce dancers. As a school, we produce well rounded artists that can apply dance beyond it's usual parameters. Merging dance and healthcare has resulted in fantastic strides for both fields and it is this seemingly diverse, yet cohesive pairing that drew me to research."


BFA Dance


Certificate in Arts and Medicine

Research Interests

  • Dance and Healthcare
  • Sensory Modalities
  • Art Therapy

Academic Awards

  • UF University Scholars Program
  • Student Art in Residence Grant Recipient
  • CASE Winner


  • Florida Cicerones
  • Dance in a Suitcase
  • Fine Arts College Council


  • Habitat for Humanity

Hobbies and Interests

  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Film

Research Description

Sense of Strength
With my project, I hope to research the effects of the five senses and determine whether specific sensory therapies are better suited to the healing process of certain illnesses. The purpose of this research would be to pilot a program testing the effects of each of the 5 senses on various diseases. A sample population of patients would be participating anonymously in a 17-week program. Excluding the control group, the participants would experience 5 weeks of interactive daily practices, interspersed within weeks of rest, and rate the effects they feel the daily practices have on healing. Among the day-to-day exercises participants will be asked to listen to music, partake in basic culinary classes, take short nature walks, mold clay, paint, draw, etc. This project will potentially shed knowledge on whether attention to specific sensory activities can be more beneficial in specific types of healing. The effects of music and memory, and touch and immunity are well known but perhaps there are other connections yet undiscovered. I hope to produce a journal entry, choreographed dance piece or documentary of this project as a method of sharing and documenting the results.