Stephanie Chastain

Mentor: Dr. Lawrence Kenny
Warrington College of Business
"Economics is a field that is heavily dependent on research, and I would like to contribute to the discovery process. Working with a faculty member who is as involved in research as Dr. Kenny is, I know that this will be an invaluable opportunity to develop empirical research skills and critical thinking skills. My topic, as discussed below, combines my academic interests relating to both of my majors."


Economics and Information Systems



Research Interests

  • Economic Growth
  • Technological Advancement
  • Strategic Planning

Academic Awards

  • WCBA Dean's List
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholar


  • Florida Business Leadership Society (President)
  • Florida Leadership Academy (Class VIII)
  • Leadership Development Program


  • Phoenix Animal Rescue
  • Various events through FBLS
  • Humane Society of Naples

Hobbies and Interests

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Leadership
  • Business Consulting
  • Spending time with family

Research Description

Determinants of Successful Technology Transfer

With the combination of academic interests shown by the double major, I wish to pursue a research project that touches on both areas of study. When I first began thinking about a research topic, I thought of how much technology has changed the world we live in—and how it will continue to do so. This thought then led me to question how technology gets its start. During my research project I plan to analyze major determinants of successful technology transfer (the process of transferring scientific findings from one organization to another for the purpose of further development and commercialization). In other words, I will look at what factors are in play during the process. By analyzing data from a variety of “tech hubs” in the United States, ranging from the most successful to the least successful, I hope to discover which factors correlate with each level of success. For example, as a result of my research I would like to be able to say “the top 10 technology transfer institutions tend to have a high level of A, or all share characteristic B”. I have already identified a multitude of factors—such as patent filings, patent awards, research expenditure, start-up companies, new commercial products, demographics, and population—that are relevant to my research question. As part of this research project I will identify more. Being that most technology hubs and technology transfer institutions are located with proximity to a university, I believe this topic to be very relevant and interesting.