Sydney Newsom

Sydney Newsom
Mentor: Dr. Charles wood
Center for Latin American Studies
"Curiosity about what research was motivated me to attend Dr. Wood's office hours to ask questions. It turned out that Dr. Wood had opportunities available for undergraduates to participate in research, so we started working on a projects and decided to submit it to the University Scholars Program. Dr. Wood's readiness to mentor undergraduate students is what ultimately got me involved in research."


International Studies



Research Interests

  • health disparities
  • medicine

Academic Awards

  • Florida Bright Futures 2013


  • Christians on Campus


  • CDS Interface Family and Behavioral Services
  • Alz Place Eldercare

Hobbies and Interests

  • gardening

Research Description

Innocent Victims: Food Insecurity and Child Mortality in Brazil

Brazil conducts a census every year that asks questions about the Brazilian household so that policy makes can better understand the country's needs. This census provides researchers with data that can be used to analyze food insecurity's effects on child mortality in Brazil. Using logistic regression, we were able to infer that food security affects child mortality more severely than education, living conditions, and even race. We have concluded that public policies focused on providing food security will most effectively improve health in Brazil.