Xhulio Binjaku

Xhulio Binjaku
Mentor: Dr. Charles Hailey
College of Design, Construction, and Planning
"I got involved in research with Professor Hailey to explore and understand question I have on architecture and it's relation to society and history."


Architecture; Geography



Research Interests

  • Architecture Theory
  • History
  • Urbanism

Academic Awards

  • University Scholars Program
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Engineering/Architecture Scholarship
  • Arthur Bleen Anderson Scholarship


  • ARCHITRAVE Magazine
  • Geography Club


  • Recycled Bikes
  • Habitat for Humanity

Hobbies and Interests

  • Soccer
  • Sustainability
  • Housing for Low-Income Residents

Research Description

Modernism in the Age of New Media : A History of Contemporary Architecture

Understanding the relation of contemporary architecture to that of early Modernism and the forces that came to make an architectural revolution happen in the early 20th century (industrialization, capitalism, the Great War, Art Nouveau...) and how they relate to architecture in the 21st century (the internet, Global Recession, urbanism, network theory...).